Silver Surfer Vaporizer

7th Floor

"The Silver Surfer Vaporizer - or simply the SSV, as it is known by tens of thousands of loyal users - was the first vaporizer to employ a ceramic heater element and pure glass-on-glass air flow separated from the electronics, for the best possible flavor. And now, 100,000 units and ten years later, 7th Floor continues to dominate the desktop vape category with the Silver Surfer, noted for its simple operation, versatility and durable design. The SSV provides the ultimate in customizability - select the housing, base or hose color - and add custom wands, mouthpieces or heater covers to personalize your vape.

Each unit is assembled and tested by American workers - not in China or Germany or some nameless overseas factory - but hand-crafted in Colorado Springs, CO. Our talented staff of nine full-time glass-blowing artisans provide the finishing touch with a custom made, hand-blown temperature control knob - ensuring that no two Silver Surfers on planet earth are alike. Customization does not stop at the glass with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer as you can fully upgrade to the Wave Rider Series (WRS). This is produced on a very high end powder coat finish and then sublimated with either one of our exclusive designs, or an image of your own design.


  • Glass-on-glass components for great tasting vapor
  • Long lasting ceramic heating element produces pure convective heat
  • Angled heater-cover/wand connection keeps product from touching heater element
  • Custom hand-blown glass temperature knob - no two Silver Surfers are alike
  • Highly customizable - select housing and base colours and custom glass accessories
  • Built in Colorado - each unit is assembled and tested by hand in the USA
  • Simple to operate, durable and easy to clean
  • Adjustable temperature to match heat flow to inhalation speed and aromatic blend
  • Ships in a high-quality hemp/polyester padded bag with compartments for all accessories" - Silver Surfer 


Wacky Tabacky does not cover warranty for any devices. You must contact Silver Surfer directly in order to receive your warranty coverage within the warranty period.

Category: Table Top, vaporizer

Type: Vaporizer

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